filling line

filling line

1.       Scope of application
Washing , filling and sealing production line for pure water , mineral water ,fruit juice,liquor, etc.
2.       Principal feature
The praduction line includes auto washer , pressure filler , cap turining machine, carrying machine etc.The key parts for washing , filling an sealing are made of high quality stainless material ,with the features of advanced technology , completed system ,reliable performance , easy in operation, etc.
3.       Principal  parameter
Model Produce capability Bottle height Motor power
ZC-12 CYG-12 WFG-4 1000-2000b/h 160-300mm 3.05kw
ZC-18 CYG-12 WFG-6 2000-4000b/h 160-320mm 4.17kw
ZC-24 CYG-12 WFG-8 3000-8000b/h 160-340mm 4.82kw

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