bottle washing machine

bottle washing machine

Automatic glass bottle-washing machine
1.       Principal features
The machine contains the inner layer washing machine , the outside remove labeling machine , and the soaking machine etc . And we could dispose soaking groove and electric control system , with the characters of high efficiency of washing bottle , low bottle –broken , rate ,saving water and electricity .
2.       Principal parameter
Bottle specification  Bottle outside diameter 56-64mm
Bottle height 140-220mm
Produciton capability   3000-4000 b/h
Lnner layer washing machine Main motor power 1.1kw
Inside washing motor  0.55kw
Inside washing motor  505r/min
Pressure of water supplying 0.3-0.4Mpa
Bottle feeding speed 7.24m/min
Driver plate speed 7.28r/min
Outer size 1750×1320×1320mm
Weight 1100kg
Outside remove labeling machine  Orbit motor 0.75kw
Orbit speed 11.13r/min
Outside washing motor 0.75kw
Water pump motor 0.37kw
Water consumption 2.8m3/h
Outer size  2900×800×1350mm
Weight  600kg
Steeper Liquid temperatrue 45-65oC
Solution concentration 1.4%
Outer size 2400×2650×2400mm
Weight  450kg

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